Weightless Moon LP

A merging of the shadow self with dreamlike folly.
Human desire crossed existential escapism.
Pure intentions wilted in otherworldly darkness.
The glee in loneliness-less autonomy.

Pulled up from the slough by a Weightless Moon,
A hug from the desert.
The inverse of sunlight
holding the deep questions
in their constantly moving


Mood: vulnerable, lustful, brooding, curious, dreamy
Genre: electronic, indie noir, synthwave


"The Future", music video

Directed by Nastasia Dusapin

Treatment and art department by Jane Machine

DP Austin Winchell

Edited + Color/SFX by Joe DeSantis

Produced by Sarah Lee

Design Jane Machine 2019, photos Jenna Losavio and Get Tiny Photography (Juliana Bernstein)