Weightless Moon LP

A merging of the shadow self with dreamlike folly.
Human desire crossed existential escapism.
Pure intentions wilted in otherworldly darkness.
The glee in loneliness-less autonomy.

Pulled up from the slough by a Weightless Moon,
A hug from the desert.
The inverse of sunlight
holding the deep questions
in their constantly moving


Mood: vulnerable, lustful, brooding, curious, dreamy
Genre: electronic, indie noir, synthwave
Sounds like: Sky Ferreira, FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey, Bat For Lashes



All tracks written by Jane Machine

Produced by Jane Machine and Johnny Goss

Mixed by Jules de Gasperis

Mastered by Joe Lambert

"The Future", music video

Directed by Nastasia Dusapin

Treatment and art department by Jane Machine

DP Austin Winchell

Edited + Color/SFX by Joe DeSantis

Produced by Sarah Lee

Design Jane Machine 2019, photos Jenna Losavio and Get Tiny Photography (Juliana Bernstein)